Divlji Enterprises

Innovative Solutions for Texas Gardeners

Divlji Enterprises was founded in 2013 by a horticulture professional with years of experience gained in the challenges of gardening in Central Texas. With a degree in mechanical engineering, DJ creates innovative solutions for Austin-area gardeners.

Whether gardening is a hobby or you plan to supplement supermarket foods with fresh, home-grown alternatives without battling with the Texas climate then just ask DJ!

"Many of my friends and clients enjoy gardening and producing their own fruits, vegetables and herbs. With the central Texas climate and soils this can be a struggle. On several occasions I've designed and built economical, customized solutions for their yards, balconies and patios. Many of them have asked me to share..."  DJ

Find out more about some of our designs by clicking on the links above. We can supply these items or modify them for your own needs. Please talk to us about your unique need.

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